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The History of Hana


Nestled along the coast of the Pacific Ocean on the Eastern end of the island of Maui, the town of Hana is arguably the most secluded area in all of the Hawaiian Islands. Hana is home to some of the state’s most spectacular views, unique experiences and local culture. Naturally, a place such as this has deep historical roots that trace as far back as the 15th century, when a ruler named Pillani united the island of Maui.

While Hana’s history is rich and interesting, there are three points that have really shaped Hana throughout the years including Hana’s production of sugarcane, Paul Fagan, and the stunning Hana Highway.

  • Sugarcane
    • Prior to the year 1849 the town of Hana was quite a desolate little place, that was until George Wilfong manufactured a 60-acre sugarcane plantation. Wilfong forever changed the economy of Hana and introduced Chinese immigrants to this town due to his need to fill jobs on his vast sugarcane fields. Wilfong in many regards put Hana on the map, to the outside world that is. Sugarcane and the immigrants that worked its fields had a great deal of cultural influence on Hana and shaped it into what it is today.
  • Paul Fagan
    • In 1946 a man by the name of Paul Fagan established the Hotel Hana Maui in an attempt to revitalize the failing economy within Hana.  His efforts in turn made the town of Hana a quiet and romantic tourist destination for many. Fagan also used his fortune and status to host the San Francisco Seals baseball team’s Spring Training in the town of Hana. This risky PR move turned out to be a worthwhile move for Hana and left it with a new nickname, “Heavenly Hana.”
  • The Road to Hana
    • The Road to Hana in many aspects is what makes Hana famous and a tourist destination today. Also known as the Hana Highway or Hana Road this 68-mile stretch connects Hana to Kahului and offers up some breathtaking island views along the way. But as you are currently planning on cruising in your convertible down the scenic Road to Hana, be aware of the 620 curves as well as 59 bridges coming your way. The secluded lookouts, tropical rainforests, and beach views will easily make this ride worth it though, we promise.