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Photography Tips for Beginners

Road to Hana

So you finally did it, you decided to take that much needed vacation to paradise…and let’s be honest, there isn’t a more scenic place to visit than the intimate coastal town of Hana, located in gorgeous Maui.  While you’re sure to experience lush tropical forests, sparkling waterfalls and stellar sunsets, you’ll probably want more than memories to reflect upon after your travels. They say a photo’s worth a thousand words, and if that’s the case, with so many photogenic spots, you’ll have enough material for a novel.  Here are 5 top tips for capturing picture perfect moments in Hawaii.

1) Go Digital - Yes, we know there are those old film traditionalists out there, but for the modern traveler, there is nothing more convenient when on the go than to be able to review your picture right after taking it.  You’ll be confident that you got the shot, and when photographing people, you can make sure no body blinked.  (They’ll appreciate that later.)  Don’t waste money on film, and if you don’t like the shot, just delete.  Easy!

2) Invest in a Good Camera - While the point & shoot digital cameras are handy and easily slip into a back pocket, while traveling in Hana, you may want to consider bumping up to a DSLR.  You’ll have much more control over your camera settings, and you can use interchangeable lenses to get a good perspective on things.  (For beginners, we suggest a 55-200mm and 18-55 kit lens.)  If price is a concern, suggest buying a refurbished Nikon or Cannon.  You still get the warranty for about half the price.  (Visit Adorama Camera for deals and steals.)

3) Take The Reigns - If you do go with a DSLR, learn how to use it!  All intro-cameras will come with a convenient automatic setting, but also will typically feature MASP controls as well.  (Manual, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority and Program.)  If you can take a good picture with Automatic, just wait until you use the manual settings.  While intimidating at first, once you learn how to use it, it makes a world of difference.  For an easy to use quick tutorial, we suggest the Magic Lantern Series, which offers specific DVDs based on your camera body…(and is a lot easier to get through than a 300 page manual.)

4) Don’t be Afraid to Play withe Perspective - Yes, traditional landscape shots are great….but feel free to get creative.  Maybe angle the camera for a twist to the standard shot, or play with the camera focus and aperture to place different emphasis on areas of the photo.  You can turn a standard photograph into a work of art.

5) Go Big or Go Home- Shoot in RAW, providing your computer is equipped or has the software to open these kind of files.  You’ll have the ultimate flexibility to do a little post-shoot editing, and if you want to blow up the image, you won’t have to worry about pixelation.